About us

    Wildbeard was an idea that came up suddenly in 2017 in Scotland.

     This idea became a dream and a dream a reality.  Today, Wildbeard is a patented brand of organic men's beard cosmetics.

     The main idea that moved us was the development of a brand for men's cosmetics, one that is not present on the market.

     We have created our formulas in one of the most prestigious laboratories in Bulgaria.

     Our choice to create this brand and products in Bulgaria was not an accident.  We at Wildbeard want to show the world that we can provide products that are inferior, neither in quality nor in appearance to some of the largest men's cosmetics companies.

     Wildbeard is not just a brand, Wildbeard is an idea that we will develop worldwide and deliver only the highest quality products possible.

     We are guided by what every man in his beard wants to get.

     By combining different essential oils, we were able to produce blends with a different focus and each of our products complements the other.

     We have created a complete range to nourish the beard, protect it and thicken it and grow it.

     Wildbeard - Feel the Power of the Forest!