Wildbeard - Accessory Kit 1
    Wildbeard - Accessory Kit

    Wildbeard - Accessory Kit

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    Wildbeard - Accessory Kit

    This kit includes a wooden brush with natural hair and a wooden comb.

    Why exactly lumber and not other material? We believe that this is the best material from which we can create this type of accessories.

    We are closest to nature and always helpful. Wildbeard USES ONLY 100% RECYCLED MATERIALS and 100% Organic for its packaging and its products.

    Now a few words about this wonderful kit.

    Let's start with the beard brush. For us, this accessory is one of the most important for anyone who maintains his beard and wants it to be in irresistible form. We recommend using it as soon as you eat so it can remove traces of food on your beard.

    Also after applying balm or beard oil. The brush will comb your beard in a unique way and boost your self-esteem.

    A few words about the beautiful comb. The comb can be used by people with a not so long and thick beard. Styling and styling the beard, we recommend using it several times a day to avoid clumping and also be able to direct the direction of hair growth.

    These two great accessories fit into a specially crafted hemp purse again fully recyclable.

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